With or without prior yoga experience, you are welcome to join us at Blue Sky.  Our intention is to help you find the quiet equanimity and the inner wisdom that is the promise of yoga. Our approach to yoga at Blue Sky is a contemplative practice encouraging the creating of spaces in mind and body that allow for increased focus and developed awareness, increased capacity for movement, personal exploration and transformation!


If you want… You should try…
A strengthening practice… Hybrid Yoga or Ashtanga
A flowing practice… Slow Flow(Vinyasa)
An introduction to the philosophy and postures… Yoga Basics
Better balance and flexibility Tai Chi for Better Balance
A challenge… Ashtanga
A focus on alignment… Asana in Alignment
If you want… You should try…
To build strength and relax while pregnant… Prenatal Yoga
To relax and de-stress… Restorative or Yoga Nidra or Relax and Restore
A slower practice, focused on relaxing and healing… Gentle or De-stress and Energize
To save money and help others… Community
To cultivate mindfulness and flexibility… Chair

Basic Easy Flow

In this Basics Vinyasa class, you are encouraged to tap into your own inner knowing, rather than being dependent upon guidance from external authorities. It is an interplay of body, mind, and energy, as you become more aware of the flow of prana, or life force, through your being. The smooth rhythmic flow of prana can be disturbed greatly by thoughts and emotions, thereby affecting the vitality of the physical body. In this style of yoga, you are encouraged to build strong awareness of your prana and how the mind and emotions influence this life force. This class includes mantras, mudras, postures, breathing techniques, movement explorations, deep relaxation, and meditation. By fully experiencing and compassionately observing your physical, mental, and emotional state, blockages begin to dissolve, energy is freed, and healing can happen on all levels. Check Schedule →


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Gentle Yoga

Whether yoga is new to you or you have been into yoga for a long time or somewhere in between,  it is very important to take some time in your life for you.  Slow down, breathe, and be present. Allow yourself to take a break after a busy day. If this is a challenge for you, or you are perhaps experiencing joint sensitivity, overall stiffness due to lack of activity, chronic pain or other physical limitations, Gentle Yoga can support you in your journey back to health. We will focus on relaxing the mind and body, increasing flexibility through warm ups and a mixed series of stretches, and postures. You will be guided by the breath, observing “the way things are” without judgment or expectations. This class calms and gently encourages the body to “let go” for that relaxing EASE into the evening that you are looking for. De-stress from the world around you and end on a meditative note that is a perfect way to end the night! Check Schedule →

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is designed to promote deep relaxation.  Students practice restorative poses on the floor supported by blankets and bolsters in a warm, quiet environment.  The nurturing poses calm the central nervous system, allow the body to soften and open passively and balance energy levels.  The restorative session soothes the body, mind and spirit. Check Schedule →

Asana in Alignment

Focusing on the alignment of the physical body in yoga postures has two main purposes: first, to ensure that the postures are done in a way which minimizes the risk of injury, and, secondly, to ensure that they are done in a way which directs the flow of prana (life force, or energy) appropriately within the body.  Different postures affect the flow of prana in different ways, each yoga practitioner has his or her own individual body, and each asana has its own detailed alignment principles, but awareness of easy-to-apply alignment principles can increase the prana and help avoid injury. We will introduce the fundamental principles of alignment that form the underlying design for every asana. “When alignment is applied to asana practice, it transforms it into a safe and therapeutic experience. Pain and injury become, not limitations but the “teachers” that direct us toward a pain-free practice.” Check Schedule →

De-stress and Energize 

Begin your day relaxed, invigorated and refreshed!  We will awaken the body, through tranquil, mindful, and gentle stretching, then build strength and stamina through simple energetic warm ups.  We will be moving the breath through the body in a mixed series of easy and energizing postures.  The yoga postures and breathing techniques will be introduced in a fun, compassionate, stress-free, non-competitive, and supportive environment.  All levels are welcome. Check Schedule →

Slow Flow

A slower paced vinyasa practice with deep holds in postures to help build strength in the body as well as release tight muscles in order to purify the body and mind. Slow flow allows each student to flow through a series of moderately challenging poses while paying close attention and focus on the breath. It is suggested to have some vinyasa experience.  Check Schedule →

John Adjusting

Core and More

Many things we do in life, whether it is physical movement or your momentum on life’s path comes from the center of your being, your core. This class is designed to help students enhance their midsection as well as their personal power. It combines stress reducing breath and postures to strengthen the core which helps control weight, relieve lower back pain and focus the mind.Check Schedule →


Prenatal Yoga

Your experience of being pregnant and giving birth will involve great physical and emotional changes, and knowing how to adapt yoga techniques to breathe, move and relax during this time can not only benefit you during this time but also in your future of motherhood and life in general!  A regular yoga practice allows you to consciously focus on different areas of your body, increase and exercise your lungs, and train the mind to center and relax, which are all very helpful during labor and childbirth

Your center of gravity will change and shift throughout your pregnancy and balance will be enhanced with the practice of the asanas (postures). Yoga offers many tools for grounding and alignment which enables you to connect with the changes in your balance and your life allowing and you to make modifications and adaptations where ever necessary.

Yoga benefits your posture and increases back and shoulder strength. Good yogic posture allows the chest to open and the lungs to be used to their full capacity and thus creating the optimum space for the baby and mom’s organs.

Yoga provides the tools for non-judgmental awareness, focus, deep relaxation and meditation. It helps you to cultivate a general feeling of wellbeing, calmness and a relaxed state.  Prenatal yoga helps you to create that bond, that connection to your baby before he or she arrives!  We will focus on: Vocal Toning, Pelvic Floor Toning, Abdominal Toning, Visualization, Meditation, and Pranayama…breath work. More Info Check Schedule →


Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a system of postures linked together by breath and movement. This is an ancient and powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental, and spiritual health. The techniques of breath, posture and movement, cleanse, stretch and strengthen the body as well as focus and calm the mind.

Open to students of all levels – its about exploration and adventure!

If you’re new to Ashtanga style practice we offer modifications, use of props and lots of chances to rest and observe. Check Schedule →

Ashtanga Primary Series

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a system of postures linked together by breath and movement. The primary series is called Yoga Chikitsa or “Yoga Therapy” as it focuses on āsanas that purify the body and restore health. The āsanas are arranged in a sequential order, each posture builds on the previous one, strengthening and returning the body to a state of balance. This hour and 1/2  class will introduce students to the beginning of the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, or Primary Series in a way that is accessible for all students. Learn techniques of breath, posture and movement,to cleanse, stretch and strengthen the body as well as focus and calm the mind. Open to students of all levels. Check Schedule →


Hybrid Yoga

In the hybrid yoga class at Blue Sky, students begin class with soothing easy music, centering breath work, and gentle stretches to slip away from the stresses and tensions of the day. Students then move into a slow but powerful and challenging mandala (circular) vinyasa flow.  You will create your own heat and allow yourself the freedom to take your practice to whatever degree of intensity or moderation your body needs. Exploring and playing the edge students build confidence and strength ending class with a wonderful state of deep relaxation. This class is geared toward those who wish to take their practice beyond the Beginners Level. Check Schedule →

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle class for people of all ages and abilities.  The modified class utilizes a chair for many of the seated poses and as a prop/support for other poses.

The chair class integrates breath awareness, movement and meditation to help students improve mobility, strengthen muscles and decrease stress. Check Schedule →

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a highly relaxed and deep state of meditation that progresses through the many stages or layers of the mind which promotes healing and union. Practiced in a warm, cozy and supported reclined position, students will be guided 45-50 min. gently through the various layers of being (physical, emotional, mental, wisdom and light). It is a journey through stillness and mindfulness in order to gain a greater sense of clarity, calmness, and serenity.  In this deep sleep meditation your conscious mind will gently guide you through thought patterns, emotions, images, and sensations that can sometimes bring you to a higher form of understanding oneself and can bring relief and lasting healing to many chronic and acute physical, mental and emotional conditions. Check Schedule →

Relax and Restore

This relaxing, balanced class was specifically created to ease, nurture and harmonize the body, mind and emotions in a safe, caring, compassionate place. Deep, calming, conscious breathing and mindful awareness are encouraged as students move gently through easy stretching, very simple flowing asana as well as some restorative poses. Check Schedule →

Community Class

We believe that yoga should be available to everyone, and community classes are a great way to meet fellow yogis in your area. They’re also a great way to try yoga or a teacher without a huge commitment. All levels are welcome.  A portion of your reduced price will be donated to a featured charity. Helping you, helping others, helping the world! :) Check Schedule →

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